Ventresca of Bonito del Norte in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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The Ventresca of Bonito del Norte is obtained from the juiciest and tasty part of this fish, concretely an area between the belly and the head (hence the name "ventresca") this small part of the bonito, with its characteristic laminate and perfect balance of flavor, fair proportion of fat, high content of proteins of high biological value and its contribution of polyunsaturated fatty acids is the part of the northern most appreciated in the gastronomy of the whole world.

The northern bonito is captured during the fishing season in the Bay of Biscay, one by one with hook as it has been done for several centuries, when boats from the Cantabrian ports went to sea using small boats with oars and sail (chalupas ) and fished the precious blue specimen.

Extra virgin olive oil has a high content of polyphenols such as vitamin E, which are powerful natural antioxidants and have been used as a natural preservative since the time of the Greeks and Etruscans. It also adds an exquisite flavor to the Ventresca of Bonito del Norte, a perfect combination.

We recommend to take it with salads, to prepare appetizers next to the Condiment of Garlic or Garlic and Chilli, also with vegetables like our Caramelized Onion or our famous peppers roasted in syrup.

Net weight: 90 grams.
Net weight drained 60 grams.