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Olive Leaf, Rose Petals and Blueberries Infusion

Olive Leaf, Rose Petals and Blueberries Infusion
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Our Olive Leaf, Rose Petals & Blueberries Infusion is a mixture of natural ingredients with many beneficial properties for your health and with a sweet, fruity and intense aroma.

This infusion is a combination of olive leaf, Rooibos and Lemon Balm. The Olive Leaf is very famous because of its properties for the immune system, to control blood pressure and arthritis, as well as to prevent neurodegenerative diseases. 

Rose Petals can help to release poisonous accumulations from the body, remove fluids and improve our skin and bones beacuse you will absorbe iron easily.

Blueberries contain anthocianina, that prevents the development of free radicals, retarding ageing and eliminating toxins and impurities. It has anti-inflammatories and antibacterial effects ,contributing to improve digestion.

Heat water to the boiling point, then pour it onto your cup with one tea bag. Cover and leave to brew for 3-5 minutes. Instead of using sugar, we recommend wildflower or orange blossom honey , to create a healthier drink and increase vitamin and energy content.
In summer use ice to cool the infusion.

No theine.

Content: 15 x 2 gr.

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