Natural Edition

4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack


La Chinata 4 Handcrafted Soaps Pack has a selection of our great variety of handcrafted soaps, with ..

Anti Aging Hand Cream SPF 8


Our Anti-Aging Hand Cream is formulated with Thermal Waters, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Oliv..

Anti-Pollution Serum


La Chinata presents the Anti-pollution Serum, a shield against pollution and external aggressions to..

Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum


La Chinata Antiox Regenerating Facial Serum has a high concentration of antioxidant actives for the ..

Antioxidant Bath Salts


La Chinata Antiodixant bath salts content olive leaf extract, attaching invigorating and antioxidant..

Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Handcrafted Soap


La Chinata Antioxidant Grape and Rosemary Handcraafted Soap is perfect to reduce signs of ageing and..

Black Olive Soap


Our Black Olive Soap is perfect to moisturize and smooth your skin. It is elaborated wih Organic Ext..

Body Balm Sensitive Skin


La Chinata body balm for sensitive skin has a high moisturizing power that also nourishes and condit..

Body Exfoliating Soap


La Chinata Exfoliating Soap is made with Ecological Extra Virgin Olive Oil and small olive bone gran..

CC Cream SPF25

1 109.40₽

La Chinata CC Cream SPF25 is a facial cream elaborated with powerful moisturizing and antioxidant ac..

Cherry Cleansing Foam


La Chinata Cherry Cleansing Foam is a cleansing lotion with a pleasant and fresh texture that turns ..

Cherry Lip Balm


Cherry Lip Balm presumes to be the most natural product of La Chinata, with 99% of ingredients of na..

Conditioning Shampoo


La Chinata Conditioning Shampoo is a product that gently cleans and cares for the most fragile, dama..

Day Revitalizing Cream SPF15

1 625.40₽

La Chinata day revitalizing cream SPF15 is a beauty product that has a high content of organic extra..

Dermopurifying Eye Makeup Remover


La Chinata Dermopurifying eye makeup remover Natural Edition elaborated with Organic Extra Virgin Ol..

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