Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

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Самое лучшее масло. Беру это масло уже в который раз. Вкус, аромат непередаваемо. Отлично подходит для салатов с селенью.

Pros: Качество

Cons: Нет недостатков

Масло отличное, приятный вкус, лёгкий нежный аромат, постоянно заказываю, очень доволен

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Is obtained from organic farming, authorized by C.R.A.Ex (Ecological Agri-Food Regulatory Council of Extremadura) and it has obtained the European Union´s Agriculture Seal.

All bottles have a unique number in order to guarantee their traceability. Regarding its organoleptic characteristics, they are very similar to our 'Selection' and 'Rama' Extra Virgin Olives Oil. In addition, it is unfiltered, like our 'Rama' Evoo.
Our careful production of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil ensures respect for the environment, since only natural products are used in olive cultivation, and therefore, free of chemicals.

Likewise, cold extraction of extra virgin olive oil, as well as the advanced techniques of production, make this Extra Virgin a healthy product, natural, with many beneficial properties for the health and respectful with the nature.

Content: 500 ml glass bottle.