Pistachio Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Pistachio Cream with Extra Virgin Olive Oil is handcrafted with a selection of top quality pistachio, sugar and extra virgin olive oil, resulting in a unique and very sweet flavor, ideal for the sweet tooth.

It is a very easy cream to spread and perfect to accompany breakfasts or snacks with our Regañás La Chinata, as well as for making fillings for cakes, crepes, panettones or cookies, as a base for a mousse. In the kitchen is also used to combine with puff pastry and to make muffins, ice cream and bread.

In addition, it is a very nutritious cream, since the pistachio is known for its antioxidant properties and for reducing the risk of suffering heart disease. It also strengthens muscles, bones and teeth, promotes intestinal transit and sight, helps control weight and is the most recommended dry fruit for type II diabetes.

Content: 150 grams