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Encapsulated Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Encapsulated Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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La Chinata has reinvented the essence of our Mediterranean Diet, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, with these capsules of extra virgin olive oil presented in pearls with caviar appearance. It is a unique gourmet product that explodes in the mouth, creating a great gastronomic experience in the palate, as this explosion allows appreciate all its character before mixing with the rest of ingredients. 

We offer brilliant Golden pearls covered with a thin and imperceptible film of extra virgin olive oil, so it’s perfect for cold dishes as salads, vinaigrettes, “salmorejos”, cold soups or “gazpachos”. It is also highly recommended as an accompaniment to grilled fish or meats, adding not only the great taste of extra virgin olive oil, but a very original presentation.

This way, La Chinata, once again, combines tradition and avant-garde with a revolutionary product in gastronomy, in which we used the most innovative culinary techniques without losing the essence and traditional taste of the raw material, as it is extra virgin olive oil. So, we decided put on the market a different product with great qualities that also gives a very sophisticated touch to dishes due to its delicate appearance of caviar.

Contains 50ml.

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