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Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham

Acorn Fed Ibérico Ham
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The Iberian Ham La Chinata comes from Iberian pigs bred and fed exclusively with acorns and natural herbs from the Dehesa Extremeña.

These pigs presume to be bred under a free grazing regime in the large tracts of land in the Dehesa Extremeña, and they feed on acorns from the montanera season.

The Dehesa Extremeña produces a large quantity of high quality acorns and thanks to its large tracts of land allows the pigs to move freely and feed exceptionally in a perfect climate for their development.

The result is an Iberian Bellota Ham with a golden and pinkish fat, soft and unctuous. Also, the flesh has a tone between deep red and pinkish. Its flavor is unique and unmatched, very soft and aromatic with a multitude of nuances, and has a shiny and veined grain by the acorn, which dissolves on the palate.

This acorn-fed Iberian ham naturally contains oleic acid, the same present in our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which comes from the acorns with which these Iberian pigs feed.

Acorn-fed Iberian Ham La Chinata is packed in a delicate case with thin slices cut by hand using a knife and already placed in a spiral shape ready to be plated. It is recommended to remove from the refrigerator at least one hour before so that the product is tempered and you can appreciate all its aroma and flavor.

It is an exquisite product that can be accompanied with a few drops of AOVE La Chinata, as well as with our Regañás. In the same way, it marries very well with our Red Wines as well as our Craft Beer Flavored with Olives.

Content: 80 grams.

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