Macaroni with Olive Flour

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Необычный вкус отличается от макарон из супермаркете. Понравилось. Всем рекомендую

Pros: Вкусные макароны

Cons: не обнаружила

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Organic Macaroni with Olive Seed Flour are our special gourmet and organic version of traditional pasta. Made with 95% of durum-wheat Semolina from organic origin and 5% of Olive Seed Flour, the result is a unique flavour and a great nutritional contribution from the best organic flour, to which we add all the properties of our La Chinata Olive Flour.

It should be noted that in La Chinata, where we combine tradition with modernity, we are pioneers in the creation of Olive Flour, which we use to make these Organic Macaroni that also guarantee an environmentally-friendly production. This is reflected with the seal of organic farming by the European Union.