Anchovy Flavored Manzanilla Olives

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Вкусные оливки, плоды хорошего качества

Очень вкусные оливки. Сразу чувствуется, что плоды качественные и хорошо приготовлены

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This Anchovy Flavored Manzanilla Olive is one of the largest selling varieties in Spanish market. In this case, La Chinata highlights its flavour, texture and body. We select the best olives and anchovies in the market so it is one of the products you can see its singularity and differentiation in the first taste. Due to the characteristics of these two typical Spanish products, they will have an intense and exquisite flavour. 

Olives are part of our Mediterranean diet and they are source of vitamin A and C, which help to improve our body ́s defences. Moreover, they are a source of iron, sodium, omega 3 and 6 and they are high in fibre that will help you to regulate your intestinal activity.

Drained weight: 200 gr.
Net weight: 350gr.