Meat-Based Pate Pack

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“La Chinata” Meat-based pate pack has a three gourmet pate choice Chinata made of exquisite high quality meat and really well presented in a case perfect for gifts or to be served in an important dinner. The three of them are made from first quality meat, using our own extra virgin olive oil.

The pack has got our “La Chinata” Pheasant Pate with Truffles, which is one of the most valuable birds by renowned chefs due to its texture and flavour. In addition, it is complemented by one of the top ingredients in gourmet kitchens, truffles, that creates a delicious result in mouth.

It also has “La Chinata”, Iberian pâté with cherries. This one has an intense, slightly sweet flavour, given by the cherries which are selected one by one in the Jerte´s Valley to ensure freshness.

Finally, “La Chinata” Venison Pate with Pedro Ximenez is a delicious and healthy spread cream that combines the fantastic taste of venison meat mixed with Pedro Ximenez wine which it is used in Mediterranean cuisine.

This pack combines perfectly with our Tapas Crackers "Regañás"
and Tapas Crackers "Picos"
, with our variety of vegetables Jams and our Select Barrel La Chinata Red Wine

Contents: 3 x 120 grams (unit).