Cream Cheese Pack

Cream Cheese Pack
Cream Cheese Pack
Cream Cheese Pack
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Cream Cheese Pack Cream Cheese Pack Cream Cheese Pack

Накануне праздников, здесь очень много отличных подарков в соответствующем разделе!

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Our cream cheese pack “La Chinata” is an ideal combo to enjoy a snack with the most traditional flavours with a distinctive and unique touch. Creamy and elaborated with top quality products and EVOO of our harvest, we find the goat's cheese cream with caramelized onion, blue cheese cream with truffle and the “torta extremeña” Cheese.

Pack 3 Cremas de Queso La Chinata

First, goat's cheese cream with caramelized onions combines the intense taste of goat's cheese with the sweetness of caramelized onions. Similarly, Blue Cheese Cream with truffle has the particular characteristics of blue cheese but its fusion with the truffle gives it a softer and more sophisticated taste.

And finally, “Torta Extremadura” cream, made from cheese with “Denomination of Origin”, carefully selected to obtain a cream that respects the flavor and original texture of this original cheese. It is a gourmet cheese cream with a very characteristic flavour since it is salty but with a slightly bitter touch.

This pack is ideal to give away and their creams are delicious to create a varied table of cheeses with our Tapas Crackers "Regañás" . It goes really well with our La Chinata Royal Semisweet White Wine

Contents: 3 x 120 g