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Pepper Flavoured EVOO

Pepper Flavoured EVOO
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La Chinata Pepper Flavoured EVOO is elaborated with our best extra virgin olive oil and macerated with a wide range of natural peppers. That way, we obtain a unique aroma, slightly spicy but sweet and fruity taste, due to the wide range of peppers used in its elaboration and their different peculiarities. This way, the result of its combination is an exquisite and quite specific flavour that will give a touch of distinction to any recipe

It specially indicated to dress steamed vegetables, meats, fish, pizzas, seafood, carpaccio, salads, sauces, rices and pastas, or just to enjoy it on a slice of bread. 

Pepper, also brings great health benefits. In fact, it helps reduce high cholesterol, is a powerful antioxidant with anti-carcinogenic properties, it has even weigh-reducing properties as it stimulates the thyroid gland, which carries a metabolic stimulation.

Content: 250 ml

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