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Olive Oil Seed Flour

Olive Oil Seed Flour
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La Chinata Olive Oil Flour presumes to be one of the most innovative products of La Chinata, created from the extraction of the seeds of the olive bone, with the one the flour has been elaborated, obtaining a product of maximum quality to create extraordinary dishes. In addition, this flour concentrates all the nutritional and healthy benefits of the olive itself. Therefore, it is very rich in polyphenols such as Oleuropein, a high antioxidant, and has a great content of fiber, proteins and a high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids, essential for our organism. Its texture and aroma make it a gourmet experience to marry salads, breads, pastas, as well as pastries among others. Also, it can also be used to make pizza or even to make sauces, previously toasting the flour a bit on the fire. To prepare any bread or pastry recipe, it is recommended to substitute between 5% and 10% of your usual flour for olive seed flour, to enhance the taste of the recipe. It also combines very well with the Seeds of Olive La Chinata. 

Content: 150g.

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