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Arbequina olive oil originally comes from Catalonia and gets its name from the town of Arbeca (Lérida), although it is currently widespread in Spain, being common in the fields of Andalusia. The Arbequina variety is an olive oil that is very popular in international markets because, due to its characteristics, softer and sweeter, it is perfect for palates less accustomed to the consumption of olive oil and look for an extra virgin with less itching and bitterness. .

This type of oil is more delicate in terms of its oxidation, so it is necessary to keep it more protected so that it retains its initial properties, which benefit us so much.

Arbequina oil stands out for being a very aromatic olive juice. Its oil contains fruity touches, sweet, with such harmonious characteristics that practically no bitter or spicy flavors are perceived. On the contrary, you can see the fruity touch of oil, banana and even apple.

In addition, they are oils that remind olfactory level to the fresh artichoke and green almond, and in terms of taste we can denote flavors of tomato and green walnut. This type of oil is usually dense and fluid.

Like other varieties of olive oil, arbequina oil has a high content of oleic acid which is beneficial for health, since its consumption can help increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels and decrease levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

This variety of oil is very versatile in the kitchen, combined with creams or rice and can even be used for baking. Thanks to its mild flavor, it is ideal for preparing delicious salads and also for the preparation of homemade sauces such as mayonnaise, as well as meats or fish marinating. So Arbequina oil allows you to enjoy different recipes, from simpler and quicker dishes to more elaborate preparations.

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