Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml Tin

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Extra Virgin самое лучшее масло, это вам скажет любая хозяйка.

Pros: Аромат масла

Cons: нет

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La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from a selection of olives harvested in the region of Sierra de Gata, in the Northwest of Cáceres. There, they are selected just the best olive to guarantee the production of the best quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil for our customers.

The tin preserves all the properties of EVOO and it is important to choose the right size according to its consumption, you shouldn’t store it for a long period of time since once is opened,qualities and taste can be affected. Tins are easy to transport thanks to its handle. Moreover, it is easy to store, the format avoid contact with oxygen and light, the two factors that affects the deterioration of EVOO quality.

Content: 500 ml Tin.