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Pheasant with Truffle Paté

Pheasant with Truffle Paté
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La Chinata pheasant with truffle pate is elaborated with pheasant pieces of excellent quality and it is considered to be one of the most valuable game birds by prestigious cooks thanks to its texture and its flavour. Besides, it is completed with another of the star ingredients of gourmet cuisine, the truffle, so it generates a delicious taste in the mouth.

This pate is recommended as a snack spread in bread along with regañás and picos, as it has soft and tasty texture. You can add a special touch with our wide variety of La Chinata balm creams such as cherry, fig or truffle, as they give it a slightly sweet taste. 
It can also be a good accompaniment that offers a unique touch to dishes such as stew, roast meat or even rice.

It is recommended to be served slightly cold if it is meant to be eaten spread in bread. It also combines perfectly with our La Chinata white wine.

Net weight: 125 grams.

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