Espelta Cookies

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Красивая упаковка,аппетитный вид. Печенье ароматное , вкусное!

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La Chinata Espelta Cookies are a very healthy version of out variety of traditional sweets from La Chinata. Once again, they stand out due to its simplicity and its ingredients selection, including La Chinata Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cane sugar, chocolate chips and Espelta whole flour.

Espelta is considered the origin of all the nowadays types of wheat, and it presumes of excellent nutritional qualities. Thus, it is more and more used in present gastronomy, despite having been with us for centuries.

It is an intense flavour with a crunchy texture and a soft roasted aroma, that along with chocolate chips, makes it ideal to accompany our La Chinata infusions or hot chocolate and coffee. 

Content: 12 units / 150 grams.