Praliné Chocolate Nougat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

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Praliné Chocolate Nougat with Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes from the fusion of a fine almond praliné of the marcona variety, which is only grown in Spain, together with a high quality pure black chocolate.
It is a product elaborated in an artisanal way with an ancestral recipe, a traditional sweet of the Christmas gastronomy that offers an intense flavour due to its content in almonds, with a touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, cinnamon and natural lemon scrape, combined with the aroma of the best chocolate.
The result is a crunchy and exquisite snack, ideal to share with family or friends and enjoy a gourmet experience.
Similarly, it should be noted that it presumes to be manufactured free of preservatives, dyes and additives. And it does not contain gluten either.

Content: 115 grams.