Boffard Reserva 3kg

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Boffard Reserva 3kg
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Boffard Reserva is an Old Cheese made 100% with raw sheep's milk following the Castilian tradition. Its maturation process lasts a strict minimum of 8 months, for 3 kg pieces, during which it is removed 3 times from the cellar to be oiled. This oil penetrates the cheese, protecting it from impurities and at the same time giving it the unique flavor that only the Boffard Cheese has.

We use about 20 liters of milk to make a 3 kg Boffard Reserva cheese.

Boffard Reserva is a generous cheese, with pronounced flavor and subtle aromas of nuts. Its strong flavor is balanced in the mouth with spicy and salty tones and with a prolonged aftertaste on the palate and nose.


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