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San Simón da Costa Cheese - Cheese Factory

San Simón da Costa Cheese - Cheese Factory
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San Simón da Costa cheese - Queslado Valado 1,2 Kg

The best cured cow's milk cheese:

Recognized at the 2016 National Cheese Fair as the best cured cow's milk cheese in Spain, the San Simón da Costa de Queixería Valado cheese has regained many awards reoccupied with its extraordinary quality and exquisite taste. Among them, the Cincho de Oro Prize and the Golden Accésit of the Ministry of Agriculture stand out for the best Spanish cheeses.

Smoked cheese made following the family tradition:

Quesería Valado is a family mini-shop dedicated entirely to the production of San Simon da Costa cheese, smoked cow's milk cheese with birch and a minimum 45-day cure. It is a cheese with a creamy flavor, soft and delicious on the palate, made with love and care since always, protected by the Protected Denomination of Origin San Simon da Costa.

Quesería Valado is a family mini-shop dedicated entirely to the production of San Simon da Costa type cheese. The elaboration of cheese comes from a long tradition, since in the past our maternal grandmother was already dedicated to the elaboration of this type of cheese, then in the year 92 the daughter, Carmen Cuba Santomé, made the decision to dedicate herself fully to the elaboration of this type of cheese and in the year 2005 the son of this one, took the witness until the present time. Our mini-factory is located at the foot of the mountain of Mouseivane in the very center of the village of San Simon.

San Simón da Costa cheese:

The production of San Simón da Costa cheese combines a traditional recipe with the best raw materials and the maximum hygienic-sanitary control. Two special characteristics stand out in the elaboration process, giving it its particular flavor and aroma. In the first place, its fundamental raw material: cow's milk, of the breed Rubia Gallega, Pardo-Alpina and Friesland, always produced in the area in accordance with health regulations and secondly, to give it its most significant characteristic, the phase of AHUMADO, in which the wood of a typical tree of the zone is used: the BIRCH.

The product is already elaborated, now only the labeling remains for its finalization. The San Simón da Costa cheese presents a control back label of the "Consejo Regulador", in addition to the manufacturer's label inscribed in the denomination. Now the cheese is ready for commercialization and consumption.

We have two formats, the large, with a minimum maturity of 45 days, a final weight of between 0.8 and 1.5 kg and height of 13 and 18 cm; small format or "jester", minimum maturity of 30 days, weight between 0.4 and 0.8 Kg and height between 10 and 13 cm; and intermediate shape between top and bullet, the upper part ending in a peak. The bark is smoked, hard and inelastic, 1 to 3 mm thick, yellow-ocher and somewhat greasy. The pasta has fine texture, fat, semi-hard and semi-elastic, color between white and yellow, soft to the cut, with characteristic aroma and flavor.

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